Factors To Consider When Choosing Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets are important to every horse owner and rider for different reasons such as protecting the horse’s
back, and absorbing sweat thereby increasing comfort for both the rider and the horse. Since they are used beneath the saddles, they also help in increasing how long the saddle lasts. All these make them a great investment and the different types provide a variety of choices for people to choose from. However, the wide variety of choices can also make it harder to choose the right blanket, which won’t work, as it should leading to losses. Below are some factors that can work as tips when making such a decision.


People breed horses for different reasons and each one requires a different type of saddle to function best. For example, racehorses and show horses will use different types of saddles, which also vary according to the size of the horse and rider. You should therefore consider the size of the saddle when buying a saddle blanket. Although the blankets should overlap the
saddle, you should avoid those that are too large. Ensure they only extend slightly on the saddle but they don’t reach the rib section of the horse.


The types of fabrics used when making the blankets differ giving users several options to choose from depending on what you think is more comfortable. Some of the common fabrics used include cotton, wool and synthetic fleece. Each of these have can fit differently and have different prices with wool blankets being more expensive that the other materials. They also tend to be thicker and may limit the space while cotton and fleece may give room for more flexibility.


Depending on the fabric used, each saddle blanket will require different type of care as well as different lifespan. Although wool blankets have the potential to last longer than the other fabrics, they are more challenging to maintain in terms of cleaning. Cotton and synthetic are easier to take care of making them the preferred choice for someone who has a tight budget and for commercial purposes. Consider how much time and resources you’ll be putting into maintaining the blankets before choosing one. Remember that cleaning should be done regularly to avoid adding infections to any wound
the horse might have.


Although they are available in different shapes and styles, the most common ones are square blankets, half blankets and shaped blankets. Each of these has different fitting capacities making them an important factor to consider. Half saddle blankets are suitable for any type of function while square and shaped ones are more suitable for dressage shows and jumper shows respectively. Consider what you’ll use the horse for when making a decision and choose the best blanket style.


Even though a blanket makes the saddle more comfortable, they cannot be used to make a saddle fit better. Make sure the saddle fits perfectly and only use the blanket as a form of protection to the horse. Always make sure you check how the saddle fits frequently since horses also change in sizes. If need be change the saddle by buying the appropriate size whenever necessary.