New Year’s Eve Dresses and Formal Dress Trends

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” — Johann von Goethe.

I would really like to thank Mr Goethe for this well said quote. It is often said change is a necessity. But when is the perfect time to bring a change? New years. Yes. It is the best time to renew yourself and to replenish your fashion statement.

new years fashion

2016 is on its way. It’s time for Christmas and New Year celebrations. While you engage into making new year and Christmas “get together” plans, there are few more important things you need to take care of. Fashion. What marks a perfect occasion? A great dress that would draw all eyes on you. So, elevate your look on this New year eve by some stunning collection of dresses designed especially for the occasion. Here are my picks among the exclusive New Years Eve dresses.

Wrapped long sleeve dresses.
The New Year Eve celebration takes place at chilly winter nights, so encapsulating both comfort and fashion, one of the popular new year trends can be sheer wrapped long sleeved dresses offering more coverage. Also, the sparkling ones will get you the spotlight. You could grab the French Connection Mixed Media dress online from at $168.

Metallic short jumpsuits
No. This is not what the usual jumpsuit looks like. A little deviated from the usual trend,this jumpsuit is short and made in metallic. With sparkles embedded in the dress, it becomes more appealing and eye catching. You could get this from an online store named at $129.

Primavera Couture 1318
To err is human, to blue is divine. This classic blue dress can be an elegant, extraordinary choice for the parties. A new trendsetter in fashion are the new nude dresses. This nude dress in given a touch of blue designs, with sparkles. The lady who puts it on will be flushed with confidence about getting the highest limelight in the party. It is also available in other colours at and priced at $269.

Sherri Hill 11284
Hey people of the nightlife, this is for you. The highlight of this beautiful dress is the neck design. It exposes the shoulders in a bold way and you could flaunt your flawless skin off. Both the bronze and red versions of this dress is uniquely designed. Bronze, though a monotonous colour has been put to glow using beads. This type of fashion is the new cool. You could team it up with high stilettos and sparkled clutches. The dress is available at at $698.

Formal dress trends take into account glamor, bold colors and somehow give an insight of “old hollywood”. The lady formal dress trends are actually lady-like and elegant. New designed neck lines, laces and metallic colours are in trend used in formal gowns. The season also brings colors like gray and soft tones of white and champagne. V-necklines have become a prominent part of formal dress codes. They are bold and beautiful to look at. Formal skirts have again made a place in the stores.

Talking of trend for this years New Years Eve dresses, there are some things that are requisite for a perfect look. First and foremost, you need to choose a vibrant colour. It’s in the subtle shimmer or the bold color of the costume that first catches the attention. Elegance lies in those hues and sparkles and the way you carry it to the party. Dressing up in princess-style or pastry-shaped gowns wouldn’t be a jaw-dropping idea. So, go for simple dresses. Also, you can face some sequin disaster because of too much of sparkling. It should twinkle in an elegant way, but not sparkle too much. So, take up these neutrally shimmered ones. Bronze, silver, red and black would be among the better colours in trend for the forthcoming year. Just don’t go overboard on yellow or orange.

In fact, there were a number of equestrian New Years Eve events where the girls got dresses up in some very trendy dress styles. Equestrian fashions are certainly becoming very trendy, and more and more they are becoming a fashion catwalk with many attendees really going all out with the top trending and current fashions.

So, ladies, carry yourself in one of these exquisite dresses, stylish accessories and a great hairstyle. That’s all it would take to be in spotlight. Oh, and a smile too.

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